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Protection Fabric

Storage of dry and storable straw only.

Please notice following installation guides:
- orientate stack and fabric into principal wind direction
- Cover with expample a roof sloping by mind. 45° m max. pile width 5m
- Tighten the fabric firmly, fix with for expample an U-shaped pins
- not below trees, because of danger of heavy precipitation caused by wind.

The Information given here is to the best of our knowledge true and correct, however new research results an dpractical experience can make revisions necessary. No guarantee of liability can be drawn from the information mentioned herein. Furthermore, it is not our intention to violate any patens or licences

Storage of dryy and storable straw only.
No liability is assumed in case of non-compliance with the installation instructions or improper stacking. Failure to understand or comply with the instructions of use may result in mold formation, wetting, rotting etc. of the stored material, making it unfit for use. In case of intense rain heavy wetting may appear. After such cases the drying effect may be restrained or even debarred.